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Hearing care and marital harmony: Fondness and Admiration

Happy marriages practice fondness and admiration. Fondness and admiration are an antidote to times of frustration and hurt feelings. Hearing plays a role. Hearing is the sense most vital for relationships. A ‘heard’ wife is a much happier wife.
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Why is it socially acceptable to shame people about their hearing loss? Part 2

I’m hearing more stories of shaming those with hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss is difficult to live with. When you have normal hearing, it can be hard to relate with the struggle of not being able to hear. Most of us have a hard-of-hearing loved one. Most of us have, on some level, experienced the frustration of not being heard by them. I assert that’s the reason why it is still socially acceptable to shame those with hearing loss. Not being heard is a pain that we can all relate to.
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Question: What effect does my hearing loss have on my overall health?

Hearing is the sense that has the most influence on your relationships. Hearing loss is associated with other serious health conditions.
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