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Question: What effect does my hearing loss have on my overall health?

By Dr. Anne Simon

June 2, 2016

Consider your five senses. Which one most influences your relationships? Hearing. So, hearing loss is a barrier between you and your friends and dear ones. Deep, fulfilling relationships provide us with a vital energy that enhances our overall health. When that energy is lost or diminished by a loss of hearing, it can make us vulnerable to a variety of health conditions.

Research has demonstrated that the right hearing aids can improve mobility and independence. And satisfied hearing aid wearers report better mood, enhanced communication and social interaction, and a healthier outlook on life.

One other factor to consider is how often hearing loss is associated with other serious health conditions: diabetes, thyroid disease, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, dementia and depression. For some people, they may begin to experience hearing loss after diagnosis of these other health issues. For others, hearing loss could be a warning sign that could lead to earlier intervention which increases treatment options.

In any case, we recommend you get regular audiologic exams after the age of 40. You could look at it very similarly to tracking the gas mileage in your vehicle. When you see a substantial drop in your fuel mileage, that’s a sign that your vehicle might have a significant problem. The same is true of hearing loss. The earlier you know if you’ve had any changes in your hearing, the better. Better for your overall health. Better for your relationships. Better for your long-term health.

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