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Can I Call it a Mid-Year Resolution if I Go in for a Hearing Test?

By Dr. Anne Simon

August 5, 2016

To look at my husband now, you wouldn’t know it. But, he was never larger than he was on our wedding day. (238 lbs—that’s OK he isn’t embarrassed by my telling you). I noticed for the last few months before that big day, he wouldn’t step on the scale. It was as if after he passed 230, he didn’t want to be confronted with the responsibility of doing something about his health if he saw 240. He later admitted that this was exactly the case.

I often hear about people who know they need a hearing test, but won’t make time to schedule one. I wonder if they have that same concern: “If I know I have hearing loss, I’ll have to DO something about it.”

A new friend, Darren, shared a story about his dad’s hearing loss that is common for many. Darren and Dad would go out for coffee. Server asks Dad for his order. Dad looks to Darren. Darren repeats the server’s request IN A VERY LOUD VOICE. (There’s a little joke there—Dad already has a ‘hearing aid.’). When Dad finally got hearing aids, years after he needed them, he wondered why he hadn’t done it sooner.

Now, my husband is 180 lbs and he’s maintained that weight for years. He’s held his weight because he asked the right questions. Good answers will always come from the right questions.

The question I have for you: Why haven’t you gotten your hearing tested yet?

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