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Hearing Loss and the Holidays: what can we do to make family time more enjoyable?

By Dr. Anne Simon

November 21, 2016

Holiday and family time makes the effects of hearing loss much more profound. With many speakers in the room, it’s more difficult for someone with hearing loss to engage in conversation, or even to understand the conversation of others.

I’ve witnessed how hearing loss effected my grandfather during holiday time. He preferred to be called “Daddy Mike,” because he wasn’t ‘old’ enough to be called ‘grandpa.’ He was genuinely interested in what others had to say. Growing up, I remember how engaged he was in conversation.

It’s what makes a specific holiday season stand out so vividly in my memory. I was still in school. Daddy Mike was aloof, disengaged, almost absent-in-presence. I asked my mom after if he was not feeling well. She dismissively said, “He doesn’t hear well anymore,” as if that was just the price one pays for growing older.

As you can imagine, once I had my audiology license in hand, Daddy Mike was first in line. And the benefit was immediate.

Of your five senses, hearing is the most vital for relationships. But, relationships are much more than hearing. They are also habits, situations, and behaviors. Living with hearing loss—your hearing loss or a loved ones—communication habits change; often not in a helpful way.

I have a holiday gift that will help you. It’s an easy-to-read, practical guide for communicating if you live with hearing loss. It’s written to those who have hearing loss, and those who love them.

The book would have made Daddy Mike’s hearing aids substantially more valuable if it was available when he was alive. It’s a tool I use in my own practice, and I’m making it available for a limited number of people who respond to this offer.

Go to SimonAudiologyCare.com/gift for more details and how to have a copy mailed to you.

Happy Holidays.

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