Can you give me one quick tip so that I can help my mother who isn’t hearing well? Tip #1

By Dr. Anne Simon

June 10, 2017

Before you speak to your mother, get her full, undivided attention. Here is how a patient might explain it: “By the time I realize someone is speaking to me, I’m already half a sentence or more behind.”

Imagine trying to understand what someone is saying when you can’t hear them well. And at the same time; trying to figure out the portion of the conversation that you have already missed. This can be maddening, overwhelming, and just about impossible for someone with untreated hearing loss. If you miss the beginning, it is hard to catch up.

Listening to speech when you have hearing loss is more consuming than those with normal hearing realize. So, think of this as an opportunity to bring in more of the senses. Touch your mom gently on the shoulder, elbow, or hand to get her attention. Make eye contact and be sure that she is focusing her attention on you, then talk to her

This is one thing you can do right now.

In the meantime, ask your mom if she would be willing to schedule an audiologic evaluation. Call my office at 208-746-7022. I’ve helped many moms and dads hear full conversations.

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