Can you give me one quick tip so that I can help my mother who isn’t hearing well? Tip #2

By Dr. Anne Simon

July 10, 2017

When you are speaking to your mother, start with and maintain eye contact. I had a patient humorously describe to me how she thought she only had hearing loss in the dark. What was really happening is that she became very adept at seeking and maintaining eye contact when someone was speaking to her. Those visual cues help us understand speech. In the dark, eye contact is not useful.

There is a lot of visual information available when you are speaking to someone. Facial expressions and body language are very helpful. You can “see” anger, frustration, excitement, etc. Your mother can augment her understanding of what is said by lip-reading. Even those with normal hearing use lip-reading in difficult listening situations.

When you are speaking to your mother, maintain eye contact.

That is another thing you can do right now.

In the meantime, ask your mom if she would be willing to schedule an audiologic evaluation. Call my office at 208-746-7022. I’ve helped many moms and dads hear full conversations.

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