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Why get hearing aids now: Recognizing speech

By Dr. Anne Simon

August 10, 2018

In most cases, hearing loss comes on gradually. Usually, it takes some time before we notice the change. You may not notice just how much information you are missing. Even if you are making accommodations for your hearing loss, the presence of hearing loss requires more effort to communicate.

It is easy not to realize your need for better hearing even though your family does. First, you don’t hear everything. You are likely unaware of what you are missing. That makes it hard to realize your need for help. Second, you are not standing in the shoes of those who make so much of an effort to make sure you understand them. You might not realize how hard they are working for you.

Finally, there are two different, but related aptitudes at play. The lowest volume you can hear sound and how well you understand speech. It may be that you can hear soft low frequency sound, which can leave you with the notion that your hearing is OK. But, if you have high frequency hearing loss, it will be difficult for you to understand speech.

Research has also demonstrated a relationship between delayed treatment for hearing loss and deterioration in the ability to understand speech. If your family notices your difficulty understanding speech, they would certainly encourage you to get help.

I appreciate how big of a step talking about hearing aids can be. Hard decisions become easier when you gather the best information available. This makes for better decisions. I recommend an audiologic evaluation so that you will have a clear picture of your situation.

Hearing loss is a serious, significant health issue. If it feels like your hearing isn’t as good as it should be, loved ones have mentioned that you are asking them to repeat what they say, or you are misunderstanding conversation; it’s time to schedule an audiologic evaluation. Call my office at 208-746-7022.

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