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Do you love hearing aids or hate them? One key difference

By Dr. Anne Simon

October 10, 2018

The most important reason to use hearing aids is that it will improve your relationships. Do you know a happy hearing aid wearer? They are likely to have an excellent relationship with their audiologist. Here’s how the right audiologist can help you be successful.

Some users struggle learning to insert hearing aids. Some have difficulty describing the sound experience that needs tuning. Some expect the process to be much different. (Put in the hearing aids today, hear every sound they want to hear tomorrow). Others do not clean the aids well and find that they stop working because they are dirty.

These experiences can lead to less than optimal use of hearing aids. Yet, hearing is so very important to communication and relationship.

You will be successful if you work with an audiologist who can guide you through choosing, learning to use, and maintaining your hearing aids. Studies show the importance of guidance from an audiologist. These findings are consistent no matter how basic or sophisticated the level of technology.

To address any frustrations, find an audiologist who:

  • Will welcome you, as many times as necessary, as you learn and gain confidence using your aids.

  • Can hear a non-specific complaint about the sound of the aids determine what program changes are necessary. Even if you are not eloquent in your description.

  • Will tell you—before you receive the hearing aids—what is reasonable to expect and what hearing aids cannot do.

  • Will teach you what you need to do to keep the aids functioning at their best. Hearing aids are small electronic devices that need routine care. Some people have a hard time seeing or manipulating the aids for cleaning.

  • Will welcome you back for routine cleaning and maintenance.

  • You are very comfortable with.

If you are well cared for, you are much more likely to be successful. This will help you meet your personal hearing goals.

To get the most out of your hearing aid experience, work with an audiologist committed to your success and capable at solving problems. Hearing loss is a serious, significant health issue. If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss, call my office at 208-746-7022.

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