My hearing aids aren’t giving me any problems. What’s the value in visiting my audiologist?

By Dr. Anne Simon

February 10, 2019

Routine follow up care will help you get the most out of your hearing aids.

Better hearing is not a one-visit event. When you are first fitted, it’s natural to need some time to acclimate to life with hearing aids. It is your brain that hears. Electrical impulses travel from the cochlea (hearing organ) to the brain. These impulses are sent along nervous system pathways.

When you have hearing loss, these pathways can degrade for lack of stimulus. Hearing aids present fresh stimulus for your brain and nervous system to adjust to. Follow up visits are very helpful as you adjust to life with the sound you couldn’t hear before.

Once you’ve adjusted to hearing what you were missing, routine care will help you get the most out of your investment. Hearing aids are small electronic devices. Your ear canal is a warm, moist environment. Warmth and moisture are hostile to small electronic devices. Hearing aids can also get dirty while you are doing the same activities that get you dirty. I teach patients to clean their hearing aids. But, I have special deep cleaning equipment and replacement parts.

It’s best to think of the need for maintenance for your hearing aids as you would your car or truck. If you keep up on maintenance, you will have a better chance avoiding sudden problems.

There is another possibility with unmaintained hearing aids. Performance of unmaintained hearing aids can diminish over time. The changes can be subtle enough for you not to notice. Then one day, it dawns on you you’re not getting the performance that you used to.

Recent technological advances for hearing aids are remarkable. Routine maintenance will help them last longer and provide a superior listening experience. Make hearing aid maintenance a regular habit.

If you or a loved one find conversation difficult, an audiologic evaluation is the best, next step. You have five senses that you experience life through. Why not experience life to the fullest? Call my office today to schedule your consultation! 208-746-7022.

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