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Why is it socially acceptable to shame people about their hearing loss? Part 1

By Dr. Anne Simon   |  April 10, 2019

Lately, I have heard more stories about shaming those with hearing loss. It still seems acceptable to express frustration through shaming when someone does not hear us. A community is made of all different kinds of people. Each one with struggles that others cannot see.

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Hearing loss is a natural part of aging, isn't it?

By Dr. Anne Simon   |  November 10, 2018

Asking at what age hearing is no longer vital is like asking at what age companionship is no longer necessary. Hearing is the sense that most contributes to our ability to engage with others.

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Do you love hearing aids or hate them? One key difference

By Dr. Anne Simon   |  October 10, 2018

You will be successful if you work with an audiologist who can guide you through choosing, learning to use, and maintaining your hearing aids. Studies show the importance of guidance from an audiologist. These findings are consistent no matter how basic or sophisticated the level of technology.

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Why get hearing aids now: Recognizing speech

By Dr. Anne Simon   |  August 10, 2018

Research has demonstrated a relationship between delayed treatment for hearing loss and deterioration in the ability to understand speech.

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How to find the right hearing aid . . . for you

By Dr. Anne Simon   |  July 20, 2018

Consider hearing aids as treatment for a serious, significant medical condition, not as an appliance purchase. Measure your satisfaction of hearing aids as how well it contributes to the quality of your communication and relationships.

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When your loved one won't get a hearing test

By Dr. Anne Simon   |  January 10, 2018

What will get your loved one, who has hearing loss, to get a hearing test?

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Question: What effect does my hearing loss have on my overall health?

By Dr. Anne Simon   |  June 2, 2016

Hearing is the sense that has the most influence on your relationships. Hearing loss is associated with other serious health conditions.

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