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At Simon Audiology & Tinnitus, we understand that hearing loss can affect different people's lives in a variety of ways. No two patients are exactly the same when it comes to the causes, effects, and best treatment options. This is precisely why we take a highly individualized approach to each new patient, working to determine not only the cause of hearing loss, but developing a treatment plan that helps the patient achieve their own unique goals.

Here's what we offer to suit your hearing needs. 

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Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

During the audiological evaluation, you will be comfortably seated in a sound-treated room. We will look at your ear canal and ear drum to ensure they are healthy. Through headphones, we'll ask you to report when you hear soft beeps. You will also repeat words that you hear. An ear pressure test will determine if your eardrum is moving properly. We will always discuss your test results with you to ensure you understand what sounds, if any, you have difficulty hearing.

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Communication Needs Assessment

With the audiological evaluation complete, the communication needs assessment will determine your next steps. With our audiologist, you will develop goals for improved communication. You will receive suggestions on specific actions you can take to reduce any difficulties you have hearing your loved ones, friends, or co-workers. Your ability to understand speech when you are in a noisy room will also be determined through a speech-in-noise test. You will learn if a hearing aid is recommended, or if a different device would be better for your unique situation. With each of these issues, we will always focus on moving you toward better communication.

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Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming

If it's determined that hearing aids are your best choice for improving your hearing, we will discuss our recommendations and your treatment options. Your goals will always be a top priority—whether that means being able to hold a conversation with loved ones again or simply being able to perform your everyday tasks with greater confidence. With our stock on-hand, you can walk out that day with your new hearing aids. We’ll ensure you're comfortable with the hearing aids and that you will be able to use them with ease and confidence. While you are wearing the hearing aids, we will perform an objective test (also known as Real Ear Measurement/Speech Mapping) to ensure they are optimized for your hearing needs. You will also have an at-home 60- day trial and scheduled follow-ups with us to ensure you are fully comfortable with your hearing aids.

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Aural Rehabilitation

Ultimately, we are here to help you achieve your goals, and we’ll be there every step of the way. Whether you wish to understand your spouse at the café, get the details during a lecture, stop asking the grocer to repeat herself, or hear your grandchild tell you about their exciting day, we are here to help by developing and implementing a customized rehabilitation plan. Your plan will be unique based on your priorities; this could include listening exercises, use of a special microphone, or connecting your hearing aids directly to your cell phone. Perhaps we need to work with your spouse to develop better communication habits. Regardless, we will work with you until we have a solution.

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