Testimonials - Simon Audiology and Tinnitus


- John B.Genesee

"Simon Audiology & Tinnitus was not the first place I went when my hearing began to fade. I tried a couple of the other "hearing centers" in the valley where they provided a free hearing test that consisted of raising your hand when you heard a beep. Somehow, I knew this was not sufficient for my needs.

I tried Simon Audiology & Tinnitus after reading an article in the Lewiston Tribune about them. I will go nowhere else now and have recommended them to many of my (like me) aging friends who are now having the same difficulties I had.

What impressed me the most, I believe, is the fact that they want to get to know you first. I had no idea that my lifestyle is very important with regard to how hearing loss is treated. Simon's thorough testing and state of the art processes have succeeded in my ability to hear again. I had no idea the birds in the yard were so loud!

I now have hearing aids that are nearly invisible. With the touch of a button, I can switch from conversation to music, etc. Simon offers very state-of-the-art options for every lifestyle. I highly recommend Simon Audiology & Tinnitus to anyone struggling with hearing loss."

- John B.

- George K.Clarkston, WA

"It is my privilege to recommend Simon Audiology and Tinnitus to anyone with hearing problems. For the past 5 years, I experienced hearing loss, particularly with my left ear. Dr. Simon questioned me thoroughly to learn about my condition. She listened to me in a caring and professional manner. She then tested me and fitted me with Starkey Receiver-in-canal hearing aids in both ears. They are hardly noticeable. She electronically tuned them.

At 77, I am not as dexterous as I once was. She patiently showed me how to change batteries, place them in my ears, and make minor changes depending on ambient noise levels. To fine tune the hearing aids, it is necessary to return (to Simon's office), which is covered in the initial cost. My hearing is greatly improved.

If you want to be examined by a skilled, caring, and friendly audiologist, you should come to this practice."

- George K.
Clarkston, WA

"My dad has suffered from severe hearing loss for many years now. He lives several hours from me, so I am not able to see him in person on a regular basis. His hearing loss had become so profound that it was nearly impossible to talk to him on the telephone, leaving email as our only reliable means of communication between in-person visits. His daily interactions with others had lessened because of his frustration with not being able to hear what they were saying to him. Important interactions with medical providers were compromised because he could not hear what they were telling him as far as diagnosis of medical problems and suggested treatments and I was not always able to be there to interpret for him. When our family was together, it was uncomfortable for my Dad to be in groups of people because he could not hear the conversations. He felt left out and we felt sad that he was not able to participate in our gatherings. It was frustrating for all of us. We had made attempts over the years to get dad into hearing aids that would actually help him, but we had very little success.

After reading the article about Anne Simon starting her business in Lewiston, a close friend of ours made an appointment to have his hearing tested and he could not say enough about how much Anne was able to help him. I knew then I had to get my dad in to see Anne. The first appointment was so thorough! She tested everything. She spoke with respect to my dad and listened intently to his needs and his past hearing problems and to my observations as his daughter and she promised him she could help him. We had a family reunion coming up in less than a week and when Anne found out about it, she put a rush order on dad's new hearing aids and made sure dad was all set up with his new hearing aids prior to the first night of the reunion. In testing the hearing aids, she had me go into another room and call dad. His phone now works directly through his hearing aids. When he answered his phone and we were able to carry on a normal conversation, I cried. It was like a miracle. At the family reunion, my dad could not only hear the speakers when they were talking, he was also able to sit at a table and carry on a conversation with individuals in a crowded, noisy room. He didn't need me to stand by to interpret for him. It was fabulous!

My dad is thrilled with his new hearing aids and the service and care Simon Audiology gave to him. My entire family is absolutely thrilled that we can once again interact with our dad normally! We are forever grateful that Anne Simon and Simon Audiology gave us our dad back. We are so lucky to have someone of Anne Simon's caliber in our Valley. If you or a loved one is having hearing problems, please give them a call. I know you will be as pleased as we are."

- Michelle A.

"I would recommend Simon Audiology & Tinnitus to anyone in need of hearing help. Anne (Dr. Simon) is absolutely focused on making sure you are comfortable, informed, and that your new hearing aids function optimally. Fine tuning is the key and no number of visits or minor adjustments are too many to ensure your aids are fully customized to meet your needs. Lewiston is lucky the Simons chose to set up their practice here and fill a need in the region."

- Kim C.

"I highly recommend Simon Audiology & Tinnitus. I found it be a comfortable, beneficial, and educational experience. There were no surprises and I was treated with kindness. My first encounter was to call to make an appointment. There was full disclosure in advance of costs. They were kind enough to schedule an appointment that met my schedule. It was a comfortable setting and I was able to relax before the examination. I was afforded complete privacy during the examination.

After the initial examination, it was obvious that I had hearing issues that couldn’t be resolved without appropriate hearing aids. Selecting the appropriate aids for my hearing loss required further evaluation and testing and I was informed of the cost in advance. The examination was thorough and the explanation regarding my hearing loss was just as thorough and Dr. Anne Simon spoke to me in language I could understand. She explained the treatment options that would best suit my needs with the technology I had (iPhone 7). The cost of the hearing aids were thoroughly explained and they allowed me to speak with my spouse before deciding. I was grateful that I never felt pressured. Dr. Simon made certain that I was comfortable about my hearing aids with return visits to adjust the aids to my needs and environment, none of which would have been possible had she not done a through social history about my life style.

I wish all health care experiences were so complete and respectful to the individual. I recommend Simon Audiology & Tinnitus and Dr. Anne Simon to anyone who is considering a hearing evaluation or hearing aids."

- Dorian L.

"I received a thorough hearing exam to identify my level of hearing loss. My concerns and wish list for hearing abilities were discussed: having a telephone conversation with grand children, enjoying music again, eliminating the word, "What" from my day-to-day conversation. Options were offered in a clear, easy to understand way. Dr. Simon and her staff are top notch. Follow up care is wonderful."

- Dennis S.

"Through the years, I have had deteriorating hearing to the place of profound hearing loss in one ear and severe hearing loss in the other ear. I have seen numerous hearing specialists. Through a friend and daughter, I learned of Simon Audiology. I have never been to a more thorough, competent, and qualified specialist as Dr. Simon. I was fitted with aids with amazing features at reasonable cost. I am hearing better than in years. Especially the direct telephone streaming into the aids and remote microphone streaming into the aids. I highly recommend Simon Audiology for thorough, competent, qualified, and caring hearing assessment and fitting."

- Lowell M.
Psychologist, retired. 
Star, ID

"I cannot say enough good things about Simon Audiology & Tinnitus. I love my new hearing aids and the service has been exceptional. A lot of time was spent making sure I was happy and well informed about the new devices. With my new hearing aids I even hear birds chirping when out on my deck. :)"

- Jackie W.

"I recently had my hearing tested at Simon Audiology and have never experienced a more professional and thorough testing. This is the place to get your hearing tested and your hearing issues resolved! My thanks to Dr. Simon."

- Bob M.
Starkey, Oregon

"It has been a very pleasurable experience with my time. It is worth the financial expense. And I really enjoy you and your husband. You do a wonderful job."

- Andrea F.

"Dr. Simon, who likes to be called by her first name, Anne, is a very professional and caring person. She goes out of her way to make sure your hearing is what you expect it to be in crowds as well with individuals. She seems to never get in a hurry and maintains a calm demeanor at all times."

- Bill E.

"I would recommend Anne if you want a good personal fit to your hearing needs. She is very friendly and truly interested in giving you the best fit for your specific hearing situation. I found her to truly care for her patients well-being and life-style."

- Dolores E.
Camas Prairie

"My experience with Simon Audiology & Tinnitus:
1. The most thorough hearing exam I have ever had.
2. Dr. Simon was pleasant, patient, and professional explaining everything; including educating my family.
3. My hearing aids fit better than my old hearing aids, no hissing.
4. The price was reasonable.

My hearing aids have enabled me, once again, to enjoy dining out; even in a noisy restaurant with a large crowd. I highly recommend Simon Audiology & Tinnitus."

- Larry M.

"Thanks to Simon Audiology & Tinnitus, I am once again able to feel a part of family and social gatherings. To be able to hear and understand conversations helps me to be a part of the activities, instead of on the sidelines catching only a word here and there. So much thanks for the most professional care."

- JoAnn B.

"Thank you, Anne Simon. In my 25 years of using hearing aids, we are very close to my hearing goals. I cannot get to perfect with my loss, but we have made great strides in getting there. It is because you have listened to my needs. You as a professional want to meet my goals and above all you are honest and sincere we can do it. Thank you for not rushing the process and for having taken the time needed. I plan for us to continue to work together in the years to come."

- Joe C.

"I have worked in the lumber industry all my working years. About 35 years ago, I started losing my hearing. I went to Lewiston to find hearing aids. I found a hearing aid company and they fitted me with them. They helped, but to make a long story short, over the years I purchased different ones and got by OK until the last set I got. I tried to wear them, but they hurt my right ear so bad I couldn't wear them. I took them back several times. And they could not fix them.

I saw an ad in the paper about Simon Audiology & Tinnitus, so I went to them. Dr. Anne Simon fitted me with a pair. She has done wonders for me, helping me in any way she can. Therefore, without any reservation, I give her my highest recommendation."

- Harry C.

"I am very happy with Simon Audiology & Tinnitus. After having bad hearing over so many years, I was elated to have hearing aids. I was on cloud 9. I am able to hear very well, everything around me. My kids and grandkids are so happy to not have to repeat themselves. The service was exceptional. My hearing aids fit great, so easy to take in and out, and easy to clean. They are not noticed behind my ears. Dr. Simon and staff treated me great. I would recommend their services to everybody."

- Renda C.

"I love Simon Audiology & Tinnitus! They are very concerned about your hearing in every aspect and are very knowledgeable about all the products they distribute. I only needed a hearing aid on one side and they didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. They were very meticulous about the style and kind of the hearing aid that worked best for ME! The office is quiet, friendly, and clean."

- Sue G.

"Dr. Anne Simon is very professional and is wanting the best hearing aid experience for her patients. She takes great care in listening to my concerns. She doesn't just sell a product, but makes sure it is the right product for me. The follow up visits to learn how to care for my aids and to fine tune them to my ears was very useful. I sincerely recommend Simon Audiology to anyone with hearing issues."

- Crystal U

"Our experience with Simon Audiology & Tinnitus has always been positive and pleasant. They take care of things as needed. We are very happy with the hearing aids Mom has received. Thank you for your care."

- Billie M & Jean G

"I am 94 years old and got my hearing aids from Simon Audiology & Tinnitus. They work really good for my needs. The people at Simon were very friendly and helpful and I trust them."

- Dorothy B.

"I have never had as good of care anywhere I have gone. I am very pleased with the personalized care I have received for my hearing aids."

- Fran P.

"Thank you so much for fitting and programming my new hearing aids. I enjoy nature sounds I had been unaware of before. And, yes, my friends speak more clearly! "

- Mary Lou G.

"Anne and Jeff are really nice people. If you or a loved one has some hearing difficulties be sure and check out their services and low prices at Simon Audiology."

- John S.

"At age 82, I am finally hearing things I have been missing for years. What a pleasant sound to hear birds singing, a clock ticking, or bacon cooking. Thank you, Dr. Simon, for your patience teaching me how to properly insert both hearing aids. It is fascinating to watch how a hearing aid can be adjusted right there in the office with a computer. Jeff always calls to remind me of my appointment and always makes me feel at ease when I arrive. Thank you both. You are a good team."

- Vada S.

"I am a 76 year old woman who had a hearing problem. I was recommended to Dr. Simon and am very pleased I went. She was very good about telling me about my hearing loss and what I needed to do to improve it. The fitting of the aids and the follow up appointments have been very helpful.

I would recommend Dr. Simon to anyone who needs help with their hearing."

- Sharon W.

"I am very pleased with the service, and product, and the fitting, and the people. I highly recommend them."

- Opal W.

"I am very pleased with the care I received. Dr. Simon is very thorough and helpful. I would recommend them to my friends. My experience with Simon Audiology & Tinnitus has been great. I would recommend them to everyone."

- Phyllis M.

"For some time, my family has been nagging at me to go and have my hearing tested. I picked Dr. Simon to test my hearing. She was welcoming and open, which made me feel that I had made the correct choice. I have adjusted to the new hearing aids, and I enjoy them greatly. Take my advice and choose Simon Audiology & Tinnitus."

- Wilma G.

"On my first appointment, Dr. Simon was able to help me choose a hearing aid that would match my taste and needs. When the hearing aids arrived, they were fitted and adjusted. She allowed me to try them out to see if any changes or adjustments might be needed. There were some noises I found uncomfortable. On the next visit, she adjusted the hearing aids. Every visit went well and all services provided were exceptional."

- Dianne N.

"In June of 2018, I experienced a sudden hearing loss in both ears, worse on the right. After several medical consultations, exams, and medical trials, my hearing has partially returned. However, I am now dependent on hearing aids in both ears in order to hear well. Is was never explained by the medical community to my satisfaction what exactly was damaged, causing my hearing loss. Exactly why this happened suddenly is still a mystery. After meeting Dr. Simon, what was damaged has been explained thoroughly where I now feel I can move forward and adapt to the hearing I now have.

After several other audiologist experiences, both here and in Spokane over the last several months, I visited Dr. Anne Simon and am very happy I did. I can highly recommend the skill and service provided by Dr. Simon and her staff at Simon Audiology & Tinnitus. Dr. Simon was very thorough in her exam and listened to my concerns about my hearing loss and what hearing environments were most important to me. Beyond her technical skill, she listened with compassion and understanding of what my loss meant to me and my family. Together, we developed a plan to address my level of loss and which hearing aids would best restore functional hearing. Since working with Dr. Simon, I have better understood how to hear with my aids and what to be aware of that hinders my ability to hear my best. I have been able to enjoy again visiting in a restaurant, hearing conversations in the car, and various outdoor sounds that were previously silent.

Without, hesitation, I highly recommend the services of Dr. Anne Simon to help anyone faced with hearing difficulties."

- Mark L.

"After 25 years of saying "what" and turning my head so my 'good' ear could hear what people were saying, I went to Dr. Simon for an evaluation. Dr. Simon was meticulous in examining and diagnosing my hearing problem and recommended the most appropriate hearing aids for my hearing loss. Within a few days, I was not aware of the hearing aids except I could actually hear and understand people from both sides. All questions were answered and several follow-up appointments were made for any adjustments needed."

- Sally I

"Simon Audiology provided a pleasant environment with prompt and efficient service. I was pleased with the thoroughness of the exam. I have worn hearing aids for many years. The ones Dr. Simon fitted me with have been very successful. Instructions on the care of the aids was clear and easily understood. I recommend Simon Audiology & Tinnitus to anyone seeking help for hearing loss."

- Karen W.

"I became tired of saying, "What? What? What?" So, I made an appointment at Simon Audiology & Tinnitus.

Dr. Simon checked my hearing and identified my hearing loss. We discussed my lifestyle and my needs. Together, we selected hearing aids that we felt would do the best job for me. When the hearing aids arrived, I found them to be very comfortable and I didn't have any "break-in" period, getting used to them. After I had used them a short time, Dr. Simon put some programs on my phone which allows me to easily switch programs to match the environment I find myself. I am very pleased with my hearing aids and the continued service I am receiving. Thank you Dr. Simon and Jeff for your good knowledgeable service!

Oh, I am not saying and hearing myself saying "What? What?" anymore."

- Lorraine H.

"I would just like to say that I was very satisfied with the whole experience. Dr. Simon did a lot of testing and follow up to make sure everything was working and adjusted properly for me. Everyone was always helpful and the offices and waiting room were always neat and clean. As for the hearing aids, they have a lot of nice features. Easy to put on and high quality."

- Larry P.

"I have family members who wear hearing aids. But, my husband's sudden hearing loss has been frustrating and hard on both of us. We didn't have time to adjust to a gradual loss. Of course, I worry for his ability to continue to hear well. I worry about how he must be feeling as he tries to adapt to life with hearing loss.

Being able to communicate in all environments, at all levels of sound, is easily taken for granted. How we shared with each other changed. I saw an advertisement for hearing aids. It mentioned restoring the couple’s ability to communicate, rather than just sharing facts. This is what our life was turning into. Talking when we needed to share facts. No more funny comments or stories or sharing. He couldn’t hear most of what I was saying, even with repetition. I saw him turning inward and it worried me a lot because that is not his usual social pattern.

Trying to uncover the cause of his sudden hearing loss was frustrating. We were very discouraged before we found Dr. Anne Simon at Simon Audiology & Tinnitus. The world changed for the better. She has helped us navigate this experience. What actually caused the sudden hearing loss, we may never know. But, the technology available can compensate for his hearing the loss. Dr. Simon was very thorough in her assessment of my husband’s hearing, and worked with him with his new hearing aids. To gain as much hearing clarity as possible for the environments he usually finds himself in. There was an immediate improvement in his hearing in general. More so with sounds he had not been able to hear before. Though now dependent on hearing aids, he is hearing me like he did before this sudden loss happened. We are back to visiting like we did before, and he even hears me in places he didn’t used to hear well, like when riding in a car. We are back to eating out where we want, even places known for being noisy. Dr. Simon cared that my husband heard as well as possible. She understood the importance of returning him to the life he knew before this happened. I am grateful for her professional expertise. I'm also grateful for her humanity and compassion for both of us during this stressful time.

I have shared our experience with many of our friends. I highly recommend Simon Audiology & Tinnitus. "

- Sharon L

"If you take your selection of healthcare providers seriously, I believe Simon Audiology & Tinnitus will likely be a good choice for your overall hearing needs. Upon entering, you immediately sense a family friendly environment. After spending considerable time with Dr. Simon, I was also very impressed with her technical knowledge and professionalism. I have personally experienced medical professionals whose primary focus is to move the patient through the process as quickly as possible since, for medical service providers, "time is money." However, I will not partner with a provider who will not carefully answer any question I may have and I always have many. Dr. Simon answered each and every question posed in a patient, deliberate fashion. You leave feeling like you are Simon Audiology's most important patient. I was very pleased with the effectiveness of my hearing aids and have had a number of follow up appointments over the last year. I waited to make a comprehensive review as hearing assistance is an ongoing process that will likely continue over many years for most patients. The service after the sale has been exemplary and I can, without hesitation, strongly recommend all aspects of the service provided by Simon Audiology & Tinnitus."

- Kent K.

"Dr. Anne Simon is very knowledgeable, intelligent, and caring. I had no idea my hearing had slid so far down. Hearing aids have made strides right along with technology advances. Color me happy!"

- Susan M.,

"We are so glad our doc recommended Simon Audiology. Dr. Simon is thorough and so knowledgeable. The change in our lives since my husband’s hearing loss has been addressed is remarkable. Aside from finally being able to actively engage in life after years on the sidelines, the tinnitus he suffered with for over a decade is gone. We are grateful and impressed. Highly recommended!"

- Rhonda N

"Recently, I purchased hearing aids after much investigation to see what was available, cost, etc. I felt led by God, as well as a recommendation from a trusted medical doctor, to make the choice of Simon Audiology & Tinnitus. It was a wise choice. Care was given in testing and programming the hearing aids to determine the best for my personal hearing loss. I have been extremely pleased with the ongoing care and support of Dr. Anne Simon. She is a very caring and patient person."

- Deloris H.


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